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College Gameday Signs

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Sign #1:  “College Gameday In Lincoln? You Guys Lose Your Way On I-80?”


Sign #2:  “Who Are You Guys Again?”


Sign #3:  “E-S-P-N. Extra Special Place - Nebraska”


Sign #4: “Save Money. Cut Your Cable Now”


Sign #5: “Sorry, ESPN. The Yankees Don’t Play Here”


Sign #6: “No, ESPN. Big Red Doesn’t We Read a Lot of Books”


Sign #7: “Yes, There Is Life West Of Newark”


Sign #8: “Ohio State Nicknamed For a Small Nut. And You Laugh At Cornhusker?”    


Sign #9: Trademark “THE?!” What’s Next? “AN? OF? IT? TO? OR? YOU? ME?...


Sign #10: “Is This Place Heaven? No, It’s BETTER Than Iowa”

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19 hours ago, Vern said:

Saw this last year and thought it was pretty funny:  "An Ohio State University"


Like this one except use the word "the" and X it out

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22 hours ago, Cdog923 said:

Whatever you do, don't blow Herbstreit's head up to about 10 times its normal size, dress it up in a baby bonnet and throw a giant pacifier over his mouth. Can confirm that sign will get taken, especially if you manage to get it behind his head during the 8 am Sportscenter. 

Something similar happened in 2007 for USC.  The sign said “John David Booty is French for a Whale’s Vagina”.  Sign would pop up and then get passed around and then pop up again.  Took the ESPN/UNL peeps half the show to finally take it away.


Still one of favorite signs ever was before the KU/Missouri Big XII title game,



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6 hours ago, Hans Gruber said:

"Neil Armstrong was born in Ohio and had to go to the moon to get the stink off


This is perhaps the unsung hero of the bunch so far, and timely too. Well done. 

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