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*** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***


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1 minute ago, suh_fan93 said:

At this point you might as well give Vedral a shot.  Does Martinez get one more drive?



I think you’re right. Our line flat sucks and Martinez is playing scared due to having to run for his life.

Vedral showed more decisiveness and composure.

With that said, It won’t happen and I’m about to check out.

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1 minute ago, lo country said:

We have no OL.  What worries me is that we went to I formation, it worked and we abandoned it......Staff has got to call plays to help this O.  Roll out, misdirection, two back sets.....

Not saying your wrong, but they’re far from the only problem. The only group I kind of like on offense is the TEs. So of course we don’t see them. 

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1 minute ago, PaulCrewe said:

That is your CAPTAIN getting bitched on the edge once again


which directly leads to your other offensive captain having happy feet and playing scared

Let that soak in.....A CAPTAIN getting owned over and over and over again.....


At this point, I really no longer know if it's talent, staff, scheme etc.....WE have had 4 coaches, more schemes on both sides than I can count, countless "studs" and duds and same sh!t....I've got nothing.  Truly.  No answer....

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