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*** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***


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2 minutes ago, lo country said:

Let that soak in.....A CAPTAIN getting owned over and over and over again.....


At this point, I really no longer know if it's talent, staff, scheme etc.....WE have had 4 coaches, more schemes on both sides than I can count, countless "studs" and duds and same sh!t....I've got nothing.  Truly.  No answer....

Farniak SHOULD be a guard.  Thought it since he was a senior in HS

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1 minute ago, LumberJackSker said:

I really don't get why some of you guys are so worked up. What did you honestly think was going to happen?


Ohio State recruits in the top 5 and Nebraska sometimes recruits in the top 20. They have more 5 stars sitting on the bench than Nebraska has on the roster. Some of you need to be honest about where nebraska is in the pecking order of college football.

This.  I was much more angry lat week.  I was hoping it'd be respectable.

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