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*** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***


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Wrong. The athletic department doesn't use taxpayer money.    There's a whole lot out there to have complaints about right now--try going for one of those instead, because you're just off ba

Martinez is absolute garbage. Get him out of there. I thought Frost and Verduzco were QB gurus? More offseason bull crap.

We should probably stop crapping on Lee, Riley, Banker etc until their replacements stop looking like them. 

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2 minutes ago, LumberJackSker said:

Same when Nebraska plays like crap against Illinois and Colorado i get pissed, but ohio state is better than Nebraska at every single position. This will happen more times than nit until Nebraska has similar talent.

We will win maybe two more games this season if we don't cut back the turnovers.

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Just now, Terrabus said:

This is not the first team, nor will it be the last team, that Ohio St. does this to.  They are solid contenders for the National Championship.  They have been every year for a very long time.  We've got a coach in his second season who inherited a team that was gutted and has no depth.  Yes, this sucks.  Yes, it's painful.  But this isn't surprising too many people outside of the Husker fandom.  


I agree they are very good but they had this same great talent last year too. Day has them playing better than Meyer had them playing last year. Meanwhile we have better talent...on paper...but look worse than when we played OSU last year. I expected more out of Frost and these players in Year 2. 

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1 minute ago, LumberJackSker said:

Well your in a chair you must be right.


Damn straight... an armchair!

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