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*** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***


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2 minutes ago, Waldo said:

There is a difference between losing by 17-21 and 40. I’m so sick of excuses. It can still be a game and not a blow out. Iowa beat them a year or two ago (forget). 


Also, I hope this is the worst home loss in history 

OSU will put in the backup any minute now and Nebraska will score some points in garbage time. I'm guessing a 30 point osu win.

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Lack of talent is so glaring tonight.  Team speed is still miles from being on the same level as any of the elite Big 10 teams.  


Year 2 and its fair to expect a little bit better, but I don't think many on this board or in that stadium can honestly admit to the fact that this program was in bad shape for the last 6-7 years.  Frost can not cure that many years of bad recruiting and bad coaching in just 2 seasons.  


Remain strong.  I think in  a couple more years we will be there.  Need to have a full cycle of recruiting(4 years) to get things going in the right direction.

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3 minutes ago, lo country said:

I think Frost is at that fork in the road moment.  Some serious soul searching with staff and scheme need to be had in the off season.  Year 2 with no apparent improvement is not a good look.

This isn't even close to a "fork in the road" moment.


What a ridiculous statement.


Taking over a Mike Riley coached program versus taking over an Urban Meyer coached program......yeah, that's exactly the same......

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