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*** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***


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Just now, HuskerNation1 said:

How does this rank in embarrassing losses on the national stage? I know we had 2 other big losses to OSU and several to Wisconsin and the one to USC.

The worst IMHO.  The pre-season hype.  Game day....Probably the worst.

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Wrong. The athletic department doesn't use taxpayer money.    There's a whole lot out there to have complaints about right now--try going for one of those instead, because you're just off ba

Martinez is absolute garbage. Get him out of there. I thought Frost and Verduzco were QB gurus? More offseason bull crap.

We should probably stop crapping on Lee, Riley, Banker etc until their replacements stop looking like them. 

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1 minute ago, Waldo said:

There is a chance of injury in practice, in the first game next week, in any of the next 7 games for OSU. I would never play them in the 4th up 5 tds. But you were bitching in the first half for them to bench the 1st stringers 


They practice against better athletes.

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1 minute ago, LumberJackSker said:

Put the back ups in. Get them some experience against a great team since they cant get that in practice.

Let’s you and I coach this team. We’ll have ‘em tight! 

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Just now, Sker fer life said:

The getting shut out part ?

I wasn’t expecting much if anything after seeing the OLine in the opener knowing what the Buckeyes were bringing to the table up front

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I used to get texts from my Iowa Hawkeye friends when we would lose games like this. Sadly it has happened so much that they don't even bother.

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