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*** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***


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Wrong. The athletic department doesn't use taxpayer money.    There's a whole lot out there to have complaints about right now--try going for one of those instead, because you're just off ba

Martinez is absolute garbage. Get him out of there. I thought Frost and Verduzco were QB gurus? More offseason bull crap.

We should probably stop crapping on Lee, Riley, Banker etc until their replacements stop looking like them. 

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Just now, Nebfanatic said:

Is he wrong? 3 first half turnovers

The defense gave up like 380 yards in the first half. Yes the turnovers hurt, but they didn’t bring it either. Outmatched shouldn’t mean an embarrassing blow-out 

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Just now, PaulCrewe said:

Not on the play script:dunno


i kid it it has been baffling when Scott flips a switch to try something different

This is what I hate.  Frost has moments of brilliance and then goes away from it without getting stopped.


My gosh that was embarrassing....Truly

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Just now, Waldo said:

That we are Indiana? 


No, that programs aren't built in a day, and Frost is having to rebuild this from the ground up. 


Quit being so dramatic, and be rational. Even Bob Devaney initially had moribund seasons after taking over the team. 

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