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*** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***


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Need to move on. Win Minnesota next week. 

5 minutes ago, Rich N said:

This program is so far away it isnt even funny. I can't believe this is the same program I grew up watching. Hopefully the networks won't put this crap on TV in any big spots anymore until they can beat a team with a pulse. Horrid! 

Where have you been? This is not new. 

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14 minutes ago, onlyHskrfaninIL said:

This one one strangely is on the defense.  You cant have absolutely no game plan and let them do whatever they want.  I'm letting chinander go after the game and getting a real DC on the offseason

I’m on board with making a change at dc but to be fair to Chinander the best game plan ever wouldn’t have mattered at all tonight. 


Nebraska didnt belong on the field with them. 

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have to say Mike Riley trained me well, I found something else to do tonight and didn't watch 1 second of this.  with that half time score (ESPN alerts), I was sure the score was going to be something similar to the wreck at texas tech several years ago.  the score was not that bad tonight but the a$$ whopping was!!


Scott is a great coach and will do wonders at his next stop but I am starting to think, there is no "Right Coach" for NU.  Saben would be a big loser tonight if he coached here...


Thanks Harvy (Pearlman), your hate of sports has really taken hold in this program...  all you wanted to do was milk your cash cow so that is exactly what you did all the way to the program being mediocre (on a good year). 

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