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Post Minnesota Game Thoughts/Rest of the season

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I don't disagree, we are paying Frost 5 million a year, but learning curves. Frost just ain't the rip his shirt off his back and cuss/swear saying he don't give a s#!t about ice cream or your girlfriends and you better think about only school/football only or he will drive your soul down into hell. Urban Meyer called Tuesday "bloody tuesday" for a reason.

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8 minutes ago, huskerfan74 said:

Please stop blaming Vedral or Bunch...we could have had Aaron Rodgers for a QB and he would not be able to get anything done with this horrible atrocious OL. They were pushed all night like little girls. Honestly, they should be ashamed of themselves. How can a QB scan the field when they are running for their lives all game long. Plus our defense looked completely lost and beat. We lost this game for many reasons but the QBs were not the reason. Frost and his coaches have a lot of work to do if we are to get to the toilet bowl.

I agree.


If you watched this game and your big take away was "hOpE pEoPlE keEp taLkinG abOuT ouR bAcK uP QB", stop watching. 

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2 minutes ago, Jack Burton said:

Osborne built his program on the OL. Frost needs to do the same. 

Frost is working on it......last two classes have some of the best OL prospects in two decades.

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- Out matched and lacked physicality

- No signs of emotion or energy. Minnesota had players that showed that they wanted to be there. Nebraska not so much

- Matt Farniok shouldn’t be a captain. Calls out the center earlier in the week but can’t even touch/block any defender on the fake punt

- No jet sweeps with Washington or JD? Why? Never once tried to burn Minnesota on the edges

- No wrinkles on Offense and Frost wanted to keep the offense basic. Why? Vedral has been apart of your offense for 3 years. No fear of failure Frost

- Oline needs re-evaluated during the bye week

- Chinander and Austin need to be re-evaluated once the season is over. No progress in season 3 kick them loose after season 3 is over

- Why did it take 3 quarters for the coaching staff to put Kade Warner in? He had the best production for the WR’s today

- We’ll be lucky to win 6 games 


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1 minute ago, In the Deed the Glory said:

Post of the year.  Truer words have never been posted on Huskerboard.

Happen to be from Lawrence, KS. Turner Corcoran is an All American talent if he puts his head down and gets after it. It won't be handed to him.

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1 hour ago, In the Deed the Glory said:


100% this.  If anybody came away from this s#!tshow with any opinion other than Martinez is our best option and the blame lays at the feet of the offensive line, then I can't take anything you think seriously.

I still can't make that decision because they put in bunch over McCaffery.  Obviously McCaffery is the best Qb on the team 

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29 minutes ago, lo country said:

That guy.....wow.  The whole Riley experiment was one big continual swing and a miss....


In all honesty, had Cally gotten a real DC I wonder what might have been with him as HC....

Didn’t like Cally at the time, but there were some good things during his time. 

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2 minutes ago, MyBloodIsRed16 said:

Was it Hixon that got knocked on his a$$ twice??  If so he needs to be riding some pine 


They did bench him for Bando in the second half. Not sure Bando was much better though. 

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