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Huskers to Play Illinois in Ireland in ... 2022?


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9 hours ago, Husker in WI said:

Huh. That's fun, but I have no idea why either team would go to Ireland. Notre Dame playing there occasionally makes a little sense, although I doubt they're really embraced by the actual Irish. I suppose in either case your target audience isn't people from Ireland, it's US fans willing and able to fly there for a game. I don't expect a lot of orange in the stands.

We played Kansas in Japan in the early 90’s. 

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Arrowhead?    If you're referring to Solider Field, it's pretty solid. I'm pretty sure that the field stays in good shape because it isn't used after Week 17 except for once or twice a decad

1 hour ago, seaofred92 said:

Does anyone know if the package stuff is a necessity? How difficult would getting tickets from a third party site (stub hub, ticket master, etc) be? The packages are all way overpriced per person 

No it’s not a necessity. I know season ticket holders get first pick on away games when you pay for your season tickets so that’s how I’ll get mine or request my tickets. 

No way I’m gonna pay the cheaper $2,999 per person package when I can get everything around that price or a little cheaper. 

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17 hours ago, suh_fan93 said:

I just saw this.  It's a neat idea but kind of strange at the same time.  Just wondering how they decided on this game (vs Illinois???) for one. 




So your colors will only be 2nd most awkward for Ireland?


11 hours ago, TGHusker said:

By the way - who foots the bill for this?  Do the people behind this game pay the schools for sending their teams to Ireland.  It will be an expensive trip - games in Happy Valley don't seem so far away any longer.


Last trip we brought the Indiana state police along with, so they wouldn't be down a paycheck from moving the game.  A streaker ran onto the 'pitch.'  The troopers just stared at him because they had no jurisdiction.

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17 hours ago, Roundball Shaman said:

Husker in WI: “I have no idea why either team would go to Ireland.”

Lots of Notre Dame fans in the Chicago area. Also, lots of Fighting Illini fans around Chicago. Also, lots of people of Irish heritage in Chicago and the State of Illinois. This gives the Illini a chance to reclaim a bit of media splash territory in Chicago and Illinois with the buzz about this Ireland game. Also, the Illini football team sees a good chance to be competitive with the Huskers as things stand right now. It’s a total win for the Illini. As for the Huskers, they get a cool trip and a chance to stay off of Interstate 80 for a change. Yeah! Wins all around for everybody.

As for the bigger picture, between the NFL and NCAA they keep trying to sell American football to the British and Irish. As a novelty, it looks fine. But whether those folks over there will ever be sold on American football is a big question. You have to grow up with the game and develop some deep family roots with it. Unless they start playing American football seriously in the schools over there, these games will just be a side show to the serious kind of Euro/World football they are actually passionate about.

Illini fans are predicting...wait for it...100 illini fans making the trip.  They hate that they gave up a home game for this trip and they know that no Illini fans are going to make the trip.  

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1 hour ago, teachercd said:

Illini fans are predicting...wait for it...100 illini fans making the trip.  They hate that they gave up a home game for this trip and they know that no Illini fans are going to make the trip.  


Still such an odd choice given the (Illini) fan base.  It certainly won't hurt the Illini to have a game be put on a stage like the Ireland game will be but such a strange pick for an opponent at the same time.  Oh well.  Not complaining just find the choice as an odd one if even from a from a television ratings perspective.





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