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Ads inside of threads are too intrusive.


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@BigRedMax I don't have a full page screenshot, but this specific ad placement attached here (it's a footer ad) is impossible to close when it deploys. The 'X' is not clickable. I usually see it as part of a stack of 2-3 footer ads, one on top of another. I don't know if this confluence of competing ads is what causes it to not function properly, but either way, a page refresh is required to remove it. 


This particular ad clicks through to here - https://nelottery.com/trucks/ - but it's a problem with the ad map/position itself because the ad is impossible to close regardless of the advertiser.

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 8.29.39 AM.png

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4 hours ago, hskrfan4life said:

Are we seriously having ads in the middle of posts now?

This happened previously. I don't know how this particular ad placement software works, but it's not uncommon for ad maps to update and push ad positions into places they shouldn't be.


@BigRedMax can we take a look at getting the in-post ad positions removed? Seems they've creeped back onto the site again.



Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 4.43.56 PM.png

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