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The NCAA will allow athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness


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There is a user on OU's 247 board that's a verified staff member that reported some crazy stuff Texas A&M boosters did to sign the #1 class this year. According to the OUinsider staff member, A&M was highly organized on the NIL front. They spent 25-30 Million Dollars on the recruiting class. They set the deals up as multi-year deals, so if the players transfer, they lose out on a portion of the money. More details in the article below. 



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Good for A&M.  To be the best you have to pay the best to get the best, to play the best :w00t


Also, heard Texas Longhorns paying good NIL to each Off Lineman $150k.  Pretty sure that's like Bama money.


And whoever said it earlier was kind of right - Huskers should have used some of that new facility money on getting us the best croots and portal guys :)


Someday, they best teams will be loaded with college NILionaires


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His argument doesn't make sense.  There probably will be financial penalties for athletes transferring.  If you are getting NIL money by a local booster business, they will drop you for leaving.  You can bet those TX linemen getting $50k or whatever will lose that money if they transfer out.


Also, a letter of intent was always a 1 year deal, at least from the school's side.  If you didn't pan out they cut you.  It's how the SEC oversigns.  Now the athletes are as committed to the school as the school is to them. 


If you want to stop calling them student athletes, that's ok.  Let's call them employees.  Employees are allowed to leave their jobs when they want to.

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From SSO's latest writeup about the coaching hires and NIL








Remember back when NIL was being kicked around and everyone said this would be good for Nebraska because no one backs their team like our fans? I do, because I got in many arguments that there was no way we were going to be able to keep pace with some SEC kid blowing his trust fund to get his recruit. Remember when Mike Farrell and OpenDorse were trying to say we would be a top 5 NIL school?


Remember when OpenDorse was saying we were a top 5 NIL school and that the B1G was leading the way????


The SEC is 3rd on their list, and Texas A&M isn’t even on Mike Farrell’s list but we now have A&M paying 25-30 million for a class. Adrian Martinez was the top earner for Nebraska in 2021 making just under 200k. As much as people don’t want to hear it, Nebraska is behind with this as well. While we sit there and tell recruits we will help them partner with Runza and other companies to make money… SEC boosters are paying millions just to sign on the dotted line. I really hate where this has gone, but Nebraska is going to have a tough time. I’m really interested to see these 2022 classes. Come the first signing period there will be some colossal deals to get kids to flip.


But the bottom line is until Nebraska wins some games we won’t have heavy-hitter boosters ponying up multi-millions. But with that would bring new problems anyway…


NIL is a new layer of difficulty for coaches


As a Nebraska fan you should know this talk track well. “A walk-on should be treated just like a scholarship guy, and the best player should play.” It sounds easy enough and makes total sense. But it’s harder than you think. The example I always give is when people bring up Danny Woodhead and how good he would have been here, I tell them he wouldn’t have even played. I get met with blank stares and shock, or some people even call me a moron. But they think i’m saying he isn’t good, quite frankly he was way better than the starter. What they don’t realize is Callahan was promising things to five stars before even on campus like Marlon Lucky. Further, to keep recruiting momentum going those guys couldn’t sit the bench.


Now let’s look at the current landscape. Let’s say some booster pays 500k to get a kid to Lincoln, but he isn’t starting and a walk-on is playing in front of him. That booster wants to know what’s up with his investment, wants the coach to explain why he was being asked to shell out money for a recruit that ended up not even being good enough to beat out a walk-on. After all, you can’t ask for it back.


A bit of hyperbole there, but it’s real. If boosters are going to start giving out signing bonuses like A&M did, they are going to want to see some results, or at least answers. I don’t envy where Frost and NCAA head coaches are now.



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