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*******Official Purdue Game Day Thread********

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Take Martinez out. Take him the f#&% out

No, this isn't on the players. When Daniels intercepted the ball and returned it to the 3, Frost called 2 pass plays back to back. That's on him and indicative of the s#!tty playcalling I've seen this

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1 minute ago, HuskerMan said:

Seriously give Frost an ultimatum.  Either Chin goes or you go.  At this point I don’t care if Frost chooses the latter of the two.  I want a coach that is willing to make the hard choices to better the team and keeping Chin around is not going to better the team.

Les miles fires his offensive coordinator mid season and there has been clear improvement. We are just horrible on defense.  Nobody around the ball and my god we can’t tackle to save our lives. 

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1 minute ago, BIGREDIOWAN said:

I don't want hear any great words or speeches from you Frost! You're paid a s*&tload of money to take care of this bulls#!t and all I see is another game with another s#!t Husker team on the field! 

Yeah but Riley

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Just now, PaulCrewe said:

You are so lost.  Again a BANGED UP and SMALLER WanDale trying to run between these tackles.  


Also which personel with those plays would make a defense a little more cautious???? The threat of WanDale or AM getting to the edge or a poor vision runner that is NO WHERE as dangerous as a runner?????


I’ll give you a month to ponder that and to continue cherry picking plays to support a weak argument 

You were literally talking about those 2 plays though. If you weren't that comment was terrible timing. Either way I have seen both RBs run in and outside today and I think that is best. If the defense knows who is going to do what type of run that is pretty predictable. We have success running Mills outside and Wandale inside, thats probably why we do it. 

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Just now, ebohnart said:

This game is so frustrating. We are better than this. 

Problem is we aren’t better than this. This is exactly who we are.

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Just now, Hayseed said:

Let's start arguing whether it's the coaches or players.

Unfortunately it is both.  The players are poor.  The whole offense goes thru a lightweight freshman.  The defense has zero NFL draftable players.  The coaches have shown no ability to adjust.  The piss poor red zone play calling is atrocious.  The defense is the easiest to move the ball against in The BIG. Cannot create any pass rush, poor tackling, no coaching coverage concepts.  Wow this is a s-show.

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3 minutes ago, Hedley Lamarr said:

How flat do we come out in 2nd half? 


3 day old Diet RC cola

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