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Organizing A Grocery List


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This is my way of making a grocery store list so it makes it easier and nothing is forgotten.  Thought I would share it in case anyone wants to try it.  Thanksgiving is coming up and the stores can be a rat race!  Hope this helps someone.


Write down each ingredient you need for each recipe that you want to make. 


Put a number by each ingredient according to each category they are in.




All Spices/#1
All Cans/#2
All Frozen Food/#3


Then on another piece of paper, write down all the grocery items that are listed according to what each number they are listed under.  


Example, let’s say this is my grocery list:


Canned Green Beans/#2
Frozen Corn/#3
Onion Rings/#3
Canned Lima Beans/#2


To Organize List Put Grocery Items That Have The Same Number By Them:

It Would Look Like This:


Green Beans
Lima Beans
Frozen Corn
Onion Rings

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There a tons of apps that will do this for you. Since we make a lot of vegetarian meals, we use a recipe app called Mealime. After you pick your meals for the week, it automatically creates and sorts your grocery list for the meals. Pretty handy 

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Some people aren’t fortunate enough to have apps.


Some people have to walk to the grocery store and carry the groceries.  Some people aren’t fortunate to have a car and they have to take a bus or a taxi if the store is too far away to carry the groceries and that is one reason I posted this, to hopefully help someone!  


Helping someone not only helps them but it will make you happy!  


I was one of those people years ago!  Be grateful and always thank the good lord for the blessings you have!   You never know when it all can be taken away from you!



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I do all the cooking, and all the shopping at my house. I go to the same four or five primary places all the time (a couple of big box stores, a couple of grocery stores, and a specialty store).


I organize my list by how I'm going to go through the store. Produce first, in the order I walk past it, then bakery, then meat dept., then diary, frozen, etc. I spend more time on the edges of the stores than the aisles, so when I need something from the aisles, I just intersperse them among my edge-of-store items as I'll walk by.


For the box stores, it depends on what I need, because that varies. I plan my route through the store based on what I need, and put the items in that order.


It's a pretty efficient way to shop, and keeps me from going back and forth if things are out of order.


Basically, the "best way" to organize a shopping list is what works for you. For me it's efficiency, but for someone else it may be more logical to organize it differently.


I don't use apps, either. I use a pad and paper, or sometimes a spreadsheet.

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