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NU versus Wisconsin by the numbers


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Just like every week, I'm only considering stats from conference games.  The numbers are percentile rankings (such that 100 is the best rating you can get and 0 the worst).  No adjustment has been made to reflect strength of schedule differences.


NU vs. UW


Passing Defense

completions allowed per game: 56 (NU) to 92 (Ferocious Animals)

completion percentage allowed: 27 to 99

yards per attempt allowed: 65 to 91

touchdowns per game allowed: 59 to 59

qb rating allowed: 52 to 92

yards per game allowed: 74 to 86


Passing Offense

completions per game: 37 to 30

completion percentage: 59 to 97

yards per attempt: 50 to 42

touchdowns per game: 10 to 14

qb rating: 37 to 56

yards per game: 36 to 13


Rushing Defense

yards per game allowed: 13 to 88

touchdowns per game allowed: 8 to 87

yards per carry allowed: 12 to 83


Rushing Offense

yards per game: 67 to 76

touchdowns per game: 63 to 56

yards per carry: 50 to 69


Scoring Defense

touchdowns per game allowed: 23 to 86

points per game allowed: 26 to 88


Scoring Offense

touchdowns per game: 25 to 39

points per game: 22 to 37


Total Defense

yards per play allowed: 36 to 90

yards per game allowed: 37 to 94

plays per game allowed: 51 to 56


Total Offense:

yards per play: 40 to 43

yards per game: 52 to 35

plays per game: 74 to 29


Turnover Margin

fumbles gained per game: 5 to 84

interceptions gained per game: 53 to 53

turnovers gained per game: 15 to 77

fumbles lost per game: 12 to 12

interceptions lost per game: 64 to 78

turnovers lost per game: 32 to 44

turnover margin per game: 16 to 66



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2 hours ago, SFW said:

1 great DC   vs. 1 below average DC



1 team that knows exactly who they are 




1 team that has no identity 


#1 in time of possession 




#14 in time of possession 




Yeah.  Yeah.  :(  Where are the Huskers these days?  Just where are they?


Meanwhile, two wins ago (several weeks ago) the head coach said, "We appear to have turned a bit of a corner today."



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3 hours ago, GamingGlen said:


Passing Offense

completions per game: 37 to 30

completion percentage: 59 to 97

yards per attempt: 50 to 42

touchdowns per game: 10 to 14 


Wait... that last one: touchdowns per game?

Do you understand percentiles? ...asking for a friend.

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They're all percentiles.  Wisconsin has 7 passing TD's in conference play while Nebraska has 4.


I average percentile scores in my other weekly post devoted to all conference teams and the P5 conferences themselves in FBS.


p.s. - The fumbling is what surprised me last year when I bet Wisconsin against Northwestern and they took Taylor out at half because he had at least three or so...  Hornibrook was diagnosed (or suffered) with a concussion after I placed that one, too.  I'd like to see another ugly game from them this weekend but don't suppose we get that lucky.

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