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We can win out. Yes, there were mistakes today. But there were a lot of positives to take as well. Excited to see Ty get in the game and play well for being a true freshman NT.   OLi

Glad you’re not on the team or coaching. 

Well, we can't worry about Iowa yet! We need to take care of things with Maryland first. We really need to end our road game loss' and it needs to start this week.

Special teams is killing us in most games. Just down the ball if it is inside the 10 on the kickoffs! We very seldom ever get it to the 25 and throw a penalty in and you are starting inside your 10! Punter; I don't even know where to start, low and short punts don't work for s#!t.

We really need to recruit a top notch punter for next year.

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19 hours ago, suh_fan93 said:



With how great he was running and Wandale being out we should have ridden Mills harder, would've had another score or two. . 


O is on the cusp. The line has come a long ways. When AM and the playcalling are on the O rolls.  Need Wandale back. Would like to see Rahmir get involved, sucks we wasted two games on him getting one rep, otherwise I think he plays against Wiscy. We're good at getting a drive going, now we need to get good at finishing them, do that and Iowa becomes a winnable game. 

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That game wasn't a 16 point game and could have really tilted on a few big plays.


Wisconsin returned a kickoff for a TD.

2AM with a late read leading to an INT that set Wisconsin up with good field position to make it 24-14


Missed FG

Twice unable to convert after getting into scoring range.



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Northwestern has 0 conference wins and we have 2.  Northwestern plays Minnesota and Illinois and it's likely they will lose at least one of those games.  So if we lose to Maryland (also next to last in their division) and Iowa we won't be the worst team in the west division.  If NW unexpectedly wins their last two, since we eked out a win over them, we are still not the worst team in the west division!

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