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The Say Something Nice About Iowa Thread


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I was born in Nebraska and lived there till I was 10.  We moved to a small town in SW Iowa and I finished HS.  I then went to college in Missouri.  Most of Iowa would actually seed SW Iowa to Nebraska if they wanted it.  Basically from I-80 over to a little west of I-35 and down to the Missouri boarder is pretty much ignored by the rest of the state.   Eastern Iowa, basically anything east of Des Moines is the uppity side of the state. 


We always had season tickets to NU games so it was never a case of choosing.  There was always a lot of Nebraska fans in SW Iowa.  In fact I would say it was split more between Nebraska and Iowa St fans.  The fandom of Iowa in the SW part of the state is more of a recent thing.  Basically it goes with the demise of Nebraska and relative rise of Iowa.  People that never had much allegiance to any team have latched onto Iowa as their team. 


The "hatred" IMO stems pretty much from Nebraska's arrival into the B1G.  Even when Iowa wasn't as good as Nebraska at football they always held on to the fact that they were a B1G schools which is a much better academic conference than Nebraska was in at the time.  Now they can't say that.   I had friends that went to Iowa out of HS and I went and visited them only about 2 months into their Freshman year.  They already were preaching the superiority of the B1G.  This is in 1984 mind you.  


Anyway I would really like to see Iowa lose to Nebraska.  My BIL is sorta an Iowa fan. Born and raised in Western Iowa,  he has lived in Nebraska the last 20 years of his life and is actually more of a very casual football fan. He just knows I am more die hard about it and loves to get under my skin about.  Just a big loud mouth about stuff in general. So if for nothing else it will make him shut up over the weekend.  

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