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*** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

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If Martinez is our QB next year, I’m out as a fan.  He cost us the game by playing like crap and then being a big pansy by running out of bounds.   


I’m bought in on Frost, but if he is too stubborn to change thebQB and stop calling 20 swing passes a game, then God help us.   This was a terribly coached game and horrible horrible horrible game by the QB. 

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Just now, Decked said:

Good for Iowa. They fought pretty hard. Think next year we can be a better team. They are gonna get spanked in bowl season. Hell..they almost lost to us. 

Martinez is already the starter next year.  You like that fact?  Feel good about next years with him at the helm? 

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1 minute ago, LumberJackSker said:

Quit crying to the refs frost  you blew it

Without a doubt. Refs gave us every borderline call, save for Williams ‘blindside’ block. 

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That blind side block call was a joke and led to this. How does Iowa not get killed for holding by their offensive line all day yet a shoulder to shoulder side by side block gets called? 

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Just now, lo country said:


That was as bad or worse than playing not to lose clownahan. But he'll get a pass. That was absolute bulls#!t that fans shouldn't tolerate

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