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Luke McCaffrey


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I don't doubt the coaches never explicitly asked him to move to WR, but I think that was because they promised he could play QB and they didn't know how to walk that back. I used to be a little bitter that he didn't move here, but thinking it through - why would he? And would it really have changed anything? Maybe the "greatest 3-9 team of all time" wins a few more games with another WR to pair with Toure, maybe they don't. But would that have been enough to turn around the Frost era? I doubt it.


Walters was fired in 2019, and Lubick would leave at the end of 2021. Then you get the 2022 MJ experience, and then everyone is fired. I don't blame him for looking for stability and playing time elsewhere - even if you knew we would fire Frost and hire Rhule, are you sticking around for the dumpster fires of 21/22 to get one year of that in '23? He would have been nice to have last year, but when he transferred he was still trying to play QB and a G5 school made sense for that. And I wouldn't wish the 21/22 seasons on anyone, as thankful as I am for the players that did stick around and give it their all here. 

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17 hours ago, Lorewarn said:



Message board fantasy...fueled by the evidence of him being successful playing wide receiver with an entrenched multi-year starter at qb :wacko:

Yeah,  well..




#blades of glory from MOVED TO @AENSLEM


#blades of glory from MOVED TO @AENSLEM


#blades of glory from MOVED TO @AENSLEM


#blades of glory from MOVED TO @AENSLEM

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