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2021 Husker Football Schedule


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We will need at least a 2-2 start to have any hope at a bowl game this season. If that occurs it would mean needed wins against MSU, Northwestern, and Minnesota in the middle stretch and a 1 of 3 final stretch (OSU, Wisconsin, or Iowa).


If we are to miss a bowl game again this year, there is no doubt in my mind that this staff faces a make or break 2022.  We are exiting the shadow of past staff and personnel failures this year, so any suggestion that our failures now are attributable to the past, is a weak argument at best.  The current staff owns the strategic direction, the roster, and the game management responsibilities so let's hold them accountable for the results on the field.


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Ok, so we swapped out the SELA game in November for an FCS opponent early in season. This seems okay: we have a chance to start 3-0 and work out some hiccups before the OU game, and get another home g

Every single game looks winnable to me.  Sounds crazy, I know.  I'll see laughing emojis.     But we're seeing reports by biased and unbiased people of a team-wide change in attitude.  And that is wha

I think the athleticism on the team has increased and we are closer to the type of players Frost has been wanting.  Now, if they can stop making the stupid mistakes of penalties and turnovers, I think

3 hours ago, tmfr15 said:

There is a world where 2-10 seems like a real possibility for this program. Illinois beat us up last year. Oklahoma and then Michigan State, also on the road. Northwestern is a home game, but give us fits every year. And then the last six.... we could go 0-for-6 and not be real surprised. Some days, I am glad we aren't anywhere near fall yet. It's just too depressing to think about it.


If true, then almost guaranteed, bye-bye Frost.  However sold-out streak will continued .......



Frosty the Snowman

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26 minutes ago, JJ Husker said:

I guess the Little Sisters of the Blind were already scheduled for a Sept 4th tilt vs Wet Paper Bag U.

They replaced one FCS opponent with another FCS opponent, I am not sure what everyone was expecting with such a short notice. Fordham isn't a powerhouse by any means, but they have been in the FCS playoffs as recently as 2015 under Joe Moorhead. They also pulled off wins against Army (coached by Monken - yes I am still pissed about that one) in 2015 and Temple (coached by Matt Ruhle) in 2016. Admittedly both of those wins were over 2 win teams, both teams didn't turn the corner until the next season after losing to Fordham. 


That all being said, Fordham has struggled since Moorhead left after 2015. Perhaps SF saw how Army and Temple got much better the season after losing to Fordham?.................................................................

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