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A tale of two Frost seasons per NU's B1G game stats


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2 hours ago, Toe said:


I get that you're cherry-picking one single stat out of many to fit your narrative, sure.


Here, since you like them so much, have some other cherry-picked stats: #116 in red-zone conversion, #99 in 4th-down conversions, #86 in sacks allowed, #82 in passing offense.

And you are happy with ANY of these..??  thanks for proving my point...

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The 2018 stats have conference championship games figured in but that's about the only difference and didn't likely make much of one besides.  I personally wonder how much of a difference Stanley Morg

I compiled and posted these stats in another thread but I thought I would share these here as well.  This is a look at some key numbers against 8 common opponents we faced in 2018 and 2019.  This show

The Huskers allowed 4.82 yards per carry to rank 102nd nationally......    4.82    Do you get it now..??

2 hours ago, Toe said:

Seriously, I can understand being critical of the defense, but I really don't get how some of you are so damn blind to the fact that the offense was just as bad, and arguably even worse.


#71 scoring offense, #66 scoring defense.

No one is saying the offense is not bad, but the offense scored enough points to win a few more games... The problem was the defense allowed bad teams to score more...  Pretty simple..!

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On 12/3/2019 at 4:22 PM, Toe said:

TLDR: The defense improved a bit while the offense took a nosedive, but people still wanna blame Chinander...

Just because the defense numbers look slightly better does not mean that the defense was great. Far from it. I believe that all three phases of the game took a couple of steps back from the team that finished the season last year. Being slightly better than horrible is still bad. All three phases must improve drastically if we are to even be competitive with next year’s schedule.

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