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OLB Terrence Lewis [Tennessee Commit]

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12 minutes ago, suh_fan93 said:


I actually met Gene Simmons once.  It turned out to be just as strange as you could imagine.  It was a private party for Kiss and Aerosmith at a bar that just so happened to be owned by a friend of ours and this was years ago.  He called and said if you want to meet Kiss and Aerosmith get over here fast.  I wasn't doing anything that night and so I went.  So I'm there having drinks which were on the house which was cool.  An hour and a half goes by and neither bands are there.  Suddenly there is a big commotion and you could tell they were showing up.  I was feeling pretty good at this point.  Shortly after my friend taps me on the shoulder and says hey man meet Gene Simmons.  I turn around and I am standing face to face with the God of Thunder.  I just said hi (I think) and he leans over and whispers in my ear 'I'd like you a lot more if you were a girl'....  He later went on to very very publicly hit on everything that moved in the bar.  It was weird actually.  I loved Kiss growing up.


Yeah.  That's my Gene Simmons story.  :blink:

That is AWESOME!


He said he got into must to make money and to go home with someone warm each night!  Ha

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Reminds me of Darnay Holmes. Wants the followers and the attention like his teammates but isn't really considering us. I agree, he does seem like a pretty light Tennessee commit though. 

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Yeah painfully obv he wasn't all in with the Vols.  As usual Bama and LSU interest will be tough but it sounds like he's already got a connection with some of our guys and likes our coaches real well also.  



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