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The 2020 Attrition Thread


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Mental health ain't nothing to play with. Wish him nothing but the best.

That is false.

Legend has it, children, that once a year the.sock.puppet rides the night, every January 30th, only visible to those who truly believe.    

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A few more names confirmed off the roster from the JournalStar.




Walk-on offensive lineman Collin Shefke is no longer listed on the roster, nor is senior walk-on wide receiver Todd Honas or walk-on offensive lineman Mitchell Balenger, whose name has been in the NCAA's transfer portal for several weeks. 


With the five players removed from the roster, the online version shows 160 players. 


That includes 86 scholarship players, one more than the 85-man maximum. NU must hit that mark by the end of the offseason and can still add up to two more players for its 2020 recruiting class. 



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I'm counting us as having 87 as Gifford will be on scholarship in the fall.  So still (at least) two more departures.


Jaylin Bradley seems pretty likely to me.  McQuitty a possibility.  Tony Butler a possibility.  Usually a surprise young guy or two.

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2 hours ago, FearAmeer said:

Any guesses on the last player who will be processed/transfer? McQuitty and Pickering come to mind for me 


I'd say Jaylin Bradley. He was a reach in the first place and has ridden pine the past two years while a walk-on got considerable reps. Now we should actually have some depth. Think he'll head someplace like Northern Iowa. 


Coming off an injury-plagued season where he did next to nothing I would think demand for Pickering is down considerably. If I'm him I wait and see how our ST's shake-up works out. 


McQuitty wouldn't be a surprise, he'd make a clean-sweep of 4*'s from our 2017 class leaving.  But here we have another coaching shake-up. I would guess that he rides-out spring ball and then sees where he stands. 

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Some guys who aren't gonna see the field are just happy to have a scholarship and ride out their days in college. I suspect Bradley might be one of those guys.

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