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The P&R Plague Thread (Covid-19)

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6 minutes ago, Archy1221 said:

Ok??  What point are you trying to make with me? 

Just wanted to make sure you were making informed comments when you push really hard on other commenters.


10 minutes ago, Archy1221 said:

That someone is looking at the impact of Covid deaths a different way? 

No, same/similar way and with complete data.


10 minutes ago, Archy1221 said:

I think most people here already knew some states in the South really struggled with Covid.

Mostly/all republican leadership.

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24 minutes ago, deedsker said:
35 minutes ago, Archy1221 said:


Just wanted to make sure you were making informed comments when you push really hard on other commenters.

Ok, and I was.  So I’m still missing the point 


25 minutes ago, deedsker said:
36 minutes ago, Archy1221 said:


No, same/similar way and with complete data.

I supplied you with the data and how it was derived.  Though you still never commented on what you thought of the link I provided that you asked for. 

27 minutes ago, deedsker said:
38 minutes ago, Archy1221 said:


Mostly/all republican leadership

Yes.  Did you not already know that?  I think it very one else here did.  

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2 hours ago, Archy1221 said:

What did the findings show?  You left that out

I didn't leave it out.  I linked the article.  It's in there   They didn't finish the study so there was no scientifically valid conclusion to be drawn.  It didn't pass the rigors to be worth anything other than a right-wing talking point.  






But doubts about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine had already begun to emerge among frontline clinicians, and were confirmed over time by larger studies that failed to show significant evidence of improvement among coronavirus patients. 

And Henry Ford’s research was heavily criticized by scientists and experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci speaking in a Congressional hearing, for falling short of the scientific rigor necessary to draw such conclusions.


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On 9/7/2021 at 12:24 PM, Guy Chamberlin said:


Surely you know that's not the only accusation leveled at Larry Elder, a man who could become the governor of California with minimal votes, based on his position as a media figure with no administrative experience, using a public forum where he says lots of nonsensical things on a multitude of topics. So yes, people are pointing to specific policies, beliefs, and comments on merit, and lack thereof, and you are acting like race is the only card being played. That is also known as playing the race card, just on the other side of the table. 


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1 minute ago, Archy1221 said:

Did they say why the cutoff was 100 people and not just all employees of all companies?  

Not that I saw.  Typically, things like this are only pressed on medium to large companies.  


I'm guessing that small companies won't have a problem finding workers anymore.


However, this will get tied up in courts for a long time by anti-vaxers.  

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