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The P&R Plague Thread (Covid-19)

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So per the presser today it seems like Trump has grown tired of Fauci contradicting his inaccuracies and is indeed leaning towards loosening public health measures because he's nervous about the economy and how it will affect his re-election.


But the virus and the economy are inexorably linked. It's not like we can scale back things before we've even successfully BEGUN flattening the curve, pour all our energy and resources into fixing the economy and just assume the virus will run its course.


@Guy Chamberlin said it well. This is going to ravage the economy one way or the other. I wish he'd listen to health experts so we can avoid a catastrophic health disaster instead of his GOP buddies who are telling him it's not a big deal and to just dump more resources into the economy.

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Watching this evening's news conference, Trump just wants to deflect the seriousness of the situation with comparisons to the flu and car accidents.  The flu and car accidents don't cripple the health care system like COVID-19 could end up doing if the spread isn't contained.  

1 minute ago, knapplc said:

This is a fantastic question.



Trump wants to bail out Boeing because their planes were screwed up from a year ago.

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Here is what so many in leadership don’t get. 

The public watches the stock market and thinks it’s the economy. About 1% of the companies in America are public. Less than a third of the economy is in public companies. 

It’s so damn frustrating when leadership makes major decisions based on what the market is going to do. 

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28 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

Here’s something else that makes go...hmmmm.


Congress is trying to get this bill done before they all leave town.  They can’t vote on anything unless they are in Washington. The country is is crisis. 

sooo.....Why leave Washington?

This has always bothered me as well...They act like they are digging ditches and need a break from the rough physical labor they are doing.


They should be "working" on the weekends right now.

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9 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

But, it’s a hoax. 

And our nurses and doctors here at home are being told they can bring in their own PPE, and bandanas if necessary; Governors are saying they are competing against other states and nation's for equipment; But the president wants them to figure it out on their own, saying he's there if they fail. Failure means people die sir. That's pretty f#&%ed up.

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