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Extra Year, No Scholarship Limits for Baseball in 2021

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NCAA planning to grant additional year to some, discussing more
ByNICK KOSKO 3 hours ago


After the cancellation of the NCAA Basketball Tournaments and all winter and spring championships, athletes, particularly seniors, were left with their seasons and careers cut short. Due to this unprecedented nature of the coronavirus, many clamored for athletes to retain their year of eligibility due to the lost post-seasons and full spring seasons.


According to basketball analyst Jeff Goodman, the NCAA is on their way to that possibility. In a time of unbelievable events, the NCAA is looking for a way to accommodate the spring sports.


Winter sports, which were cut short, may also be on the docket.  LINK




247 article with a few more details on this.  I wonder if a couple football players who also played basketball would get an extra year of eligibility in basketball?  Asking for a friend.  

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19 hours ago, Mavric said:

No scholarship limits is interesting. Especially considering all the partial scholarships in baseball. Seems like it would make more sense just to say guys returning for the extra year don't count against the limit.



Just the right thing to do. 

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I would think they would have to waive the roster limit as well.  If you have a bunch of players returning your going to probably have a big redshirt class with incoming guys.  I wonder if they waive the squad limits for games as roster sizes will be have all those extra players?   Interesting how this ripples. 

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Another article.  




I posted because I want bonus points for pointing out the ripple effect! :P


My next prediction is the flux concept.  Hold that thought I have to go to the can. 

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