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The Return of Deontai Williams

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Return of Deontai Williams excites Husker coaches, players
By BRIAN CHRISTOPHERSON   www.247sports.com    March 25, 2020 


What didn't need to be repeated is how significant the blow was when Deontai Williams had last year cut short one quarter into one game. Shoulder surgery was required. His return to the field for the Huskers, whenever football starts getting played again, is as large as any newcomer addition you can name.


Just ask someone like junior Cam Taylor-Britt, who had to fill the gap at safety for many snaps. Williams' injury not only took away a top talent, but challenged Nebraska's secondary depth from the opening gate in 2019.  "He's so fast he can move and get to the ball when he needs to," Taylor-Britt said. We need that, especially with us.   LINK 




Finally a ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak spring of football!     Glad to see Deontai back with the Blackshirts.       

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1 hour ago, Big Red Viking said:

So far this guy isn't a proven play maker. 


Despite only playing part time in one year (2018), he has 2 picks, 2 forced fumbles, and a fumble recovery. Not sure how you want to count the fumble recovery, so that's either 4 or 5 turnovers in minimal time. The only players we have with more career turnovers forced are Domann (5 FF, 1 FR over 3 years) and Taylor-Britt (3 INTs, 4 FF, 2 FR over 2 years, but almost all were last year).


I don't know of a good way to get the number of snaps played, but it wasn't a lot in 2018 and he got 5 turnovers. You can debate the proven part based on noot playing full time I guys, but you don't just stumble into that number of plays without being a playmaker.

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