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Will There Be a 2020 Football Season?

Chances of a 2020 season?   

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I'm going to GUESS that there will be a full schedule but with no fans in the stadiums.


I hope that the strategies we're using now will work and the curve will flatten enough by June/July that professionals can start looking at strategic "re-openings".  Dramatically more testing is needed to make that happen though.


What could be interesting though is what happens in a situation where OSU has a player test positive and the whole team needs to quarantine for 2-weeks?  Do they forfeit?  

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Right now I put it at 50/50.  If I had to guess, I'd say there may be games but no fans in the stands.


There are way too many people who don't take it seriously.


Models are garbage?  The reason they change is because there have been appropriate measures taken.  That's why it appears the original models change.  If no SIP is put in place and it's left to run its course, then every community in the US looks like NYC or worse.  Then...those original models look pretty dead on.


You have to realize, NYC has put in place SIL also, but it was done too late.  If no SIL is done, NYC is WAY worse than it already is.

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1 hour ago, JJ Husker said:

Right now I am planning on no games being played. Then if we get any games, with or without fans in the stands, I’ll be pleasantly wrong and happy. This Nebraska fan has learned all too well how to manage expectations.

Have the head coaches play NCAA College football whatever the last year was can pick any year for your team. I'd watch that with commercials. 

***This just in Nebraska hires new head coach from the MLG circuit. 

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We're living history here.  I tell my kids almost daily that these are the days they will never forget for the rest of their lives.  It's telling when my 81 year old father-in-law calls asking what I think is about to happen.  99+ percent of the general population hasn't lived this before.  I have no idea whether the season will be played this year or not.  I voted no games played.  However, I don't think this is the most important question.  The most important question is what will be the new normal once this passes?  We have no idea what the paradigm shift will be if any.  Maybe, sports just won't be that important to people.  Economists are already talking about 30-50 million people being unemployed before we get through this.  I've read about how much cleaner the air is around cities around the World because people are staying home and are not driving.  Maybe, people just won't be that interested in going to games in the future?  Maybe, they simply won't have the money?  With the Spanish Flu, it came in waves.  It's already being speculated we'll see this again potentially this fall.   


It is quite possible I'm reading too much into this historic event.  It is also quite possible that I'm just pi$$ed about mankind right now because it is more than a little disturbing living out here near the Colorado border watching people who are under a state stay at home order flock our lakes and our stores potentially dragging the virus here with them.  One local grocery store had to close because the Denver residents came and wiped the store out of inventory.  I just think we are way too early into this to even begin to assume there will be a football season in 2020.    

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