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Will There Be a 2020 Football Season?

Chances of a 2020 season?   

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9 minutes ago, nic said:


Day said something about telling Fields to give the B1G time to come up with realistic spring plans before he made a decision. Thinking Fields got tired of hearing nothing from them. 

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4 hours ago, Nebfanatic said:

I've signed probably 20 petitions, all with a good number of supporters, and I can't say that a single one accomplished anything 

It won’t, although I think the players would be safer playing ball. You just can’t sue the kids at the bar that passed it along.

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2 minutes ago, nic said:

More info on the cardio study. The study that may have been used to cancel the B1G season continues to come under fire by Cardiologists and is discussed in this weeks episode at 3:30 in the link.  With an altmetric score of 8860 and over 500,000 views, it’s not fairing well.


This is just an opinion podcast, although it does support my feelings about Covid- we're too fat.  Our population cannot fight an impulse, wants to take shortcuts, likes freebies and convenience, and is soft in mental and physical health.  It is embarrassing.  




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