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On 9/24/2020 at 12:05 PM, Guy Chamberlin said:

A buddy's son just started his freshman year at Boulder four weeks ago. His roommate already dropped out, his RA went AWOL, and the University just warned them it might drop a 14 day SIP for everybody any second now. The kid and some friends are now preparing to rent a house in Durango, although it's not clear if my buddy is supposed to continue paying Room & Board for this s#!tshow.

Friends don’t let friend’s kids go to CU. Shame on you.

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22 hours ago, BigRedBuster said:


What?   That is an absolutely idiotic order if that is the actual wording in it.


So....If I'm a full adult and can be sent off to war for this country, I can't get together with a couple of my buddies in our own homes?


That needs to be challenged in court.

I think the intent was well reasoned...the execution, not so much.


Boulder saw drastic increases in the spread of Covid when the students got back on campus. The majority of CU students were ignoring any and all mitigation efforts, wilder parties than usual, etc. and were pretty much the sole contributors to the problem. So I understand what the Peoples Republic of Boulder was attempting. But yeah, the narrow targeting of that certain demographic would seem to be a problem.

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