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2020-21 B1G Teams/Rosters/News

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On 12/28/2020 at 5:02 PM, seaofred92 said:

The good thing for NU is that there are a LOT of senior laden teams in the Big Ten this year. Hopefully that works well timing wise for us, we’re young with a new roster this year. Seemingly next year when everyone is working to replace a ton of guys, NU can take a step up with the experience they’ve gotten and lumps they’ve taken this year a la Northwestern from 2019 to 2020.

They're definitely taking their lumps and I hope it pays off next year.  However, I'm jaded as far as basketball goes.  No telling who is going to be on the roster next year and who transfers....again.

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Who, would you think, is In Haarms Way...??

Looking at all the NU guys who have left, they all went to mid-major conference teams or below.  I know college basketball talent is more spread out and mid-majors can be better than a lot of power fi

This is really impressive from the B1G  

1 hour ago, seaofred92 said:

I'm sure this quote will play well with NU fans, coaches, and media


Maybe he is implying that Michigan hoops isn’t tough enough to give it a try. :cowbell: I bet he doesn’t care if they don’t play 20 games and do not get a regular season title as a result. Eyes are on a bigger prize. I don’t think the Michigan women’s team is making up games either. I looked at the men’s schedules with the games they missed. They could have made up PSU and NW easily without back to back games. The other 3 teams were booked, and would have to be tacked on to the end of the regular season to avoid back to backs.

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1 hour ago, seaofred92 said:

I'm sure this quote will play well with NU fans, coaches, and media


Yeah, Maryland needs wins to get to the NCAA's.  Nebraska needs time playing together so they are better in the future.  Michigan is guaranteed a high seed in the NCAA tournament so they don't care if they make up the games.


At this point I'd say there is no reason for Nebraska to make up the three games that haven't already been scheduled.  I don't see the point in running the players into the ground to play Purdue, Minnesota or Iowa.

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