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*** Husker FB Misc Topic bullsh#t Thread ***

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3 hours ago, BigRedN said:


For me, it just makes us look so weak when we make everything into a conspiracy .... ESPN hates us, the B1G doesn't want us to win, the refs are against us.


I was going to post the same thing.


The entire world hates us and it out to get us! Woe is me, woe is me.  /s

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1 hour ago, MyBloodIsRed16 said:

Get Boston College on the schedule asap in Boston.  I can kill two birds with one stone.  See some of my family and catch a game 

That would be cool, I'm down for that game!  :w00t


Also, Huskers vs Army, Navy, Air Force :)

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5 hours ago, Huskerfollower4life said:

:bangOops yeah. Well i can remember Tommie Armstrong threw it or am i wrong on that?



Yes, Tommy threw him that on a long 3rd down from the 1 yard line.


Same bowl that we played Clemson in, just five years off :P


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39 minutes ago, MyBloodIsRed16 said:

is that M for Maryland???  Did they ask a bunch of kids from Maryland?  and NC?  I would put Wisconsin in there before those two.  They've at least produced a Heisman winner in the last 40yrs.  


It is Maryland lol


1000 kids is such a small sample size 

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