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*** Husker FB Misc Topic bullsh#t Thread ***

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16 minutes ago, suh_fan93 said:



Sort of like it...Looks more like sprouting wheat heads though or golden hops maybe not corn ears or tassels. lol  Probably a better fit for Kansas. 

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1 hour ago, MyBloodIsRed16 said:

I don't recognize that number to the left of Nebraska at the bottom.  What is that?


Many Husker fans complained endlessly about those type of numbers next to our name, saying we were better than that.


So they took them away.

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I was looking for a clip to show NU's inside zone blocking and I think you see a lot in this.  


First, Scott & Nouili are off the ball much faster than Piper, Corcoran, & Benhardt (I could state this another way).


Second, Piper & Nouili are progressing through the double team too quickly imo.  The entire point of utilizing this call/technique in the zone scheme vs straight solo reach blocks or running tracks is to get the D-lineman under control/change the LOS.  


By progressing to the 2nd level prematurely, they are still allowing NIU to shift the tackle box dramatically to the play side as you would expect with solo reach blocks, and neither Scott or Benhardt have play side leverage on their men.  That's a sin when you utilize this call.  


Third, the advantage of zone blocking is even when you are beat, you can win.  If the defender has his head by you, you use his leverage against him and push him through and if a back see's a defender flashing across his face he cuts it back.  


Piper & Nouili are off the block too soon, Scott & Benhardt are fighting a losing battle from the second they make contact, and Irvin picks a closing lane after pressing the hole.  You could stay on these double teams, ignore the LB's, and get 3-4 yards.  It's a progression, and they aren't securing the LOS before climbing to the second level.  

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