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The George Floyd/Black Lives Matter protests and police conduct

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s#!t's crazy, man. Haven't been following super closely but so far I've seen they lit an evacuated police station and an Arby's on fire, pulled down a traffic light to vandalize it and I've heard unconfirmed reports of people being arming themselves.

Can't say I'm terribly surprised people have once again finally lost their cool after the umpteenth this happens to someone with no justice.


Thank goodness we have this guy to douse everything in gasoline!


This guy gets it. 



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Welcome to why nobody knew.             Sorry....couldn't resist.

Protestors in Downtown Des Moines asked officers to take a knee with them for 2 minutes and they'd then leave and abide by the 9pm curfew that was enacted today. Officers agreed and it was 2 minutes o

Saying "I'm your Huckleberry" over and over again to no one in particular.

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While I'll never understand vandalizing random businesses, it pisses me off that anyone chooses that to be the thing they get mad at. Why is burning and stealing by a civilian more angering than murder by a police officer?

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Absolutely terrible situation and the rioting shouldn't be occurring but that's usually where these things head unfortunately, but I'll never understand or agree with that either. I get the anger behind that though....


Those comments by this POS President are only going to add fuel to an already raging inferno and it'll result in people getting hurt or killed. He needs to STFU right now! :steam


And that officer needs to be charged already along with his colleagues and justice needs to be served! I'm so angry with what I witnessed on that video and there are countless officers along side me that feel the same damn way! There's a nation of officers that are angry and sick to their stomachs having witnessed what happened. God help Minneapolis :(

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I thought of posting earlier yesterday about Trump not having commented yet. I thought be might have had someone hide his phone.


Of course he focuses on the vandalism and says nothing about the police officer. 

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3 hours ago, BIGREDIOWAN said:


Those comments by this POS President are only going to add fuel to an already raging inferno and it'll result in people getting hurt or killed. He needs to STFU right now! :steam

Never forget, Trump campaigned in front of a crowd of uniformed officers, encouraged police to rough up suspects when taking them into custody, “please don’t be too nice,” and they erupted in laughter and applause. 

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1 minute ago, funhusker said:

This is crazy!


But the laugh I desperately needed was a few videos below the evacuation.  A teacher trying to remove a dildo from the gym wall!


Does this mean I have to post this in the 'Shed? 

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The incident and officer who sparked this aside. I never had any idea that there was this much anger brewing in Minneapolis. Sure I've heard about large immigrant population and would have expected some tensions related to that, but nothing like this.


I'm fine with the protests, the anger, and to an extent the riots. The looting though... I don't get it. It makes the community look aweful and it hurts people who had nothing to do with the incident.


Trump should have absolutely never tweeted what he did. He is inciting the violence (and from what I gather using a racist tactic from the Miami police chief during the civil Rights era). That being said, I'd be lying if I didn't have the same thought... But I quickly switch to how to you arrest these people since more violence is not the answer. This can't become LA's Korea Town in the 90s.

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