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The George Floyd/Black Lives Matter protests and police conduct

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Everything happening right now reminds of the book White Rage that I read a few years ago (may have even been after a recommendation from someone here). It's a really insightful read and covers an array of topics dating back to slavery, systemic prejudice, racism that Obama had to endure, etc. It helps lay a foundation for why things are they way they are right now. (The only part of the book I found a little troubling and/or flimsy was the last part which seemed to draw some unsound conclusions about the war on drugs in the 80's and the early 90's.)


Talking about police and police reform is a worthy topic, but there are so many systemic issues that still need to be discussed and addressed. So many black communities are still stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty, drugs and gang violence, and in many cases, the foundations for their situations were started decades if not hundreds of years ago. Too many children are born into a bad situation they have no control over and I honestly believe it's just as much of an issue as police reform is.


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Trump is despicable  -  trump quotes his now fav far right 'info' source OANN,   stating that the 75 year old guy who Buffalo police pushed to the ground was a ANTIFA provocateur.   


Where is the tar and feathers??







President Trump on Tuesday suggested without evidence that a 75-year-old man who was knocked to the ground by police in Buffalo, N.Y., last week during a protest over George Floyd’s death was a member of antifa and that the incident was “a set up.”

Video taken Thursday shows two officers pushing the man, Martin Gugino, who then falls and hits the back of his head on the pavement, causing him to bleed. Police initially claimed Gugino tripped. He remained hospitalized in serious but stable condition on Monday.

In his tweet, the president tagged the far-right One America News Network.

“Buffalo protester shoved by Police could be an ANTIFA provocateur,” Trump tweeted to his 81.9 million Twitter followers. “75 year old Martin Gugino was pushed away after appearing to scan police communications in order to black out the equipment. @OANN I watched, he fell harder than was pushed. Was aiming scanner. Could be a set up?”







Donald Trump's archive interviews with Howard Stern have revealed a number of embarrassing and horrifying quotes once uttered by the now-President of the United States, including his rating of a number of Hollywood actresses. However, the most shocking tale of them all comes from a July 2008 tape in which Trump reveals that he once turned away from an 80-year-old man who had fallen off a stage and hit his head.

The story came about as he was discussing his uneasiness for looking at blood, which prompted him to recall the incident. His story makes for uncomfortable reading.

"I was at Mar-a-Lago and we had this incredible ball, the Red Cross Ball, in Palm Beach, Florida.

And we had the Marines. And the Marines were there, and it was terrible because all these rich people, they're there to support the Marines, but they're really there to get their picture in the Palm Beach Post.

So, you have all these really rich people, and a man, about 80 years old - very wealthy man, a lot of people didn't like him - he fell off the stage...

So what happens is, this guy falls off right on his face, hits his head, and I thought he died.

And you know what I did? I said, 'Oh my God, that's disgusting,' and I turned away.

I couldn't, you know, he was right in front of me and I turned away. I didn't want to touch him. He's bleeding all over the place, I felt terrible.

You know, beautiful marble floor, didn't look like it. It changed colour. Became very red.

And you have this poor guy, 80 years old, laying on the floor unconscious, and all the rich people are turning away...

What happens is, these 10 Marines from the back of the room.

They come running forward, they grab him, they put the blood all over the place—it's all over their uniforms—they're taking it, they're swiping [it], they ran him out, they created a stretcher.

They call it a human stretcher, where they put their arms out with, like, five guys on each side...

I was saying, 'Get that blood cleaned up! It's disgusting!' The next day, I forgot to call [the man] to say is he OK.

It's just not my thing."



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14 minutes ago, Landlord said:





Jeeeeeezussss Christ.  Is this person dead? 


This should be attempted manslaughter.



Honestly I'm starting to want these protests to go on until we have 7 straight days without a cop doing f#&%ed up s#!t like this. I want every one of them (doing the f#&%ed up s#!t) found, fired, and prosecuted. I'm starting to feel guilty about not protesting.


On 2nd viewing it hit the pavement first so he's actually using it as intended, but it goes to show they shouldn't be using this s#!t at all. And most of these rallies shouldn't have police.

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