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Hooked on Huskers

Ghost Town

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Huskerboard.com, death bed.  Only 3 members in prime time hours.  Used to be free, busy, fun and very little ads but not any more.


Could be last post.



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You know what makes a football forum more active? Football.


You know what we haven't got? Football.

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Had to wait for the data to be ready, but according to my little spreadsheet o'Rep, the top 25 Rep people posted 7,384 times from May 1 through July 1. 


From May 1 through July 1 over the past several years, we've had this many posts from that top 25:


2019 - 5,574

2018 - 6,140

2017 - 8,909

2016 - 6,474

2015 - 5,602

2014 - 8,390


The two outliers are 2014 and 2017 - Riley's first year and Frost's first year. So that generates a bit of excitement. The other years hover in a range between 5,000 & 6,000 posts, which is probably pretty normal for a message board during the main sport's off season. 


So, honestly, there hasn't been a drop-off in posting year over year, and there has been above-average activity here this year compared to other years.  Probably because there's a lot of election, virus and protest talk in P&R, and a lot of talk throughout the board about whether we'll even have a season.


Seems like the idea of a "ghost town" is probably more in your head, @Hooked on Huskers


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44 minutes ago, Toe said:

@knapplc Riley's first year was 2015. He was hired late 2014, which wouldn't include the May-Jul period.


Ope!  You're right. So the rise in posts would be the debate about how Bo needed to go, then Riley needed to go.

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