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Volleyball 2020 Schedule

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Welp, whatever ideas they had for the schedule before have definitely been changed.







Changes coming to Husker volleyball schedule, with some matches possibly played in PBA

The first noticeable changes will come with the nonconference schedule. Nebraska typically hosts tournaments in the early weeks of the season, but Cook said multiple teams have dropped out because of travel and budget restrictions.

And with Nebraska facing its own budget cuts, Cook said he's been asked to reduce travel as much as possible. That will mean facing more nearby teams in the nonconference schedule.

"Maybe we play Creighton five times in nonconference," Cook said. "I mean, it may come down to that."

The Big Ten schedule will also look different. Cook said coaches have received that schedule, but it hasn't been released publicly yet. Cook said the number of matches played on Wednesday nights was cut in half in favor of having more played on the weekend.

And for Nebraska, it includes more games against teams in the western half of the conference as to allow for traveling by bus instead of planes. But Nebraska will still have to take chartered flights for most of its away matches because of its distance from other conference teams.

“It doesn't create an even schedule," Cook said. "But it's a one-year deal. And so we do what we got to do. The great ones adjust."

Some of Nebraska's home matches may even be played in a different venue this season. Cook said he's had discussions about playing in Pinnacle Bank Arena as a way to allow more fans to attend, if health regulations allow.

He said once social distancing measures are put in place, the Devaney Center can safely hold about 2,500 fans compared to 8,000 in PBA.

"We just want to have fans, but the key is how do we keep it safe?" Cook said. "And if we can do that and put more butts in the seats, then we got to look at it.”


So, if we're playing more "western" teams more often, that means two matches against Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northwestern and Illinois, with maybe Purdue and Indiana thrown in.
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I don't care if it's the same three teams over and over again. I just want to know what day they are starting. . 

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