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First off, I'm not a gamer who has a ton of games, but it was getting frustrating, getting a new game, ok, what should I delete?

Finally, after being frustrated not being able to play games that I have, broke down and got a External hard drive.  2 TB.  I was told it is very easy to install to USB and then set up through settings.

How true, and in 1 hour, transferred games over to the HD, and have a lot of free space on both. 

Finally, I can start installing my other games, so I can enjoy them all, and not have to worry about getting new games like Madden 21 and not knowing what to do. 

The 2TB hard drive cost only $50 plus tax. I read up that the PS4 handles up to a 10 TB HD for more avid gamers. 

Well worth it already. 


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I know of several console gamers (particularly PS4 players) who have had to buy additional hard drives because of Modern Warfare/Warzone. The base game is north of 200 GB now. Each update is usually between 25-35 GBs, but because of some formatting issue with Sony, Playstation people usually need to have at least 80-90 GB of free space in order to download updates.


It has led to quite a few theories that Infinity Ward is intentionally trying to crowd other games off of peoples' systems so that people have fewer options of games to play. They of course have denied it, but there are a lot of people out there who are literally living through it because they don't have additional SSD's but want to play COD.


(Mostly a ramble but since you mentioned doing this for more space it reminded me of this ongoing issue with COD).

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