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What can GBR do nect?

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So no big10.  Seem like Commercia Warren says stay put, an just don't play.  I went here an  see if some older post might know.  There can maybe be some from B8g12 time.  8 use to be on this website, but not.



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Hey Tuff. No, we're not leaving the Big Ten. Commissioner Warren does want us to stay put and not play, but our team wants to play, so we're going to see what we can do to get some games in this Fall. It probably won't happen, but they have to try.


If any of our old Big 8 brothers could be involved, I'm sure that would make a lot of folks happy.


Glendower hasn't been around here lately. If I see him, can I tell him you've got the banner?

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OK!  I got the Glendower banner on laptop,but not a phone.It"s top drawer.

Also say hi to Huskerb Rent

Sec will play I guess.  MY best Tiger"s don"t have best rivals like in the Big 8 or 12. Not my fault!

But, you may know sec has dome top drawer teams.


Let's be glad when this s#!t is done, right?




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Got many old pressguide still. Fb and bb. It"s good you have the silver one.  It"s Dr. Tom on it I rember, maybe?

TuffTiger :moreinteresting


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