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Dug out the Ice Cream Maker

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Finally dug out the Ice Cream maker.  I think we've had it for about 20 years, never used.  I think that my wife got it as a Bridal Shower gift, or it was a Wedding Gift. 

All this time, I thought we had to order some part to put in the freezer. turns out, just need to freeze the bottom portion before use.  So once we get space in the freezer we can try it out. 

I ordered some mint chip mix and chocolate from Amazon in the mean time. 

It holds 1.5 quarts, I will probably be upgrading to a 4 quart size ice cream machine very soon too. Is anyone else familiar with the ice cream makers, and have some good ideas for what to make?


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Maybe try actually using the 1.5 quart machine, that has never been used, at least a couple times before deciding to upgrade to the 4 quart model. Just sayin'.


Pistachio ice cream would be high on my list of things to try.

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My parent's had an ice cream maker attachment for their old fridge. I think we used it maybe 5 times in 15 years :lol: 


Would be fun to experiment with making your own flavors or using some different add-ins. Unfortunately, my wife is not the ice cream lover like I am. 

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