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*****Ohio State Game Day Thread*****

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3 hours ago, NebraskaHarry said:

Still not a fan of Chinander. He might be an okay position coach, but man, I'm skeptical he could ever run a good defense. Year after year and now the start of year 3 his defenses just give up too many plays, yards, and points. Today, he had Ohio State backed up into their territory with 3rd and forever and they still were able to convert it. You can say that's on players, but that imo is a defensive coordinator guessing on the play calling hoping for the best.


And Ohio State took advantage of his scheme all game long. Oh you want to give us these wide cushions with your DB's? We'll let our WR's settle for these nice pitch and catches for 5-10-15 yards and work our way down the field. Oh you want to keep Fields and our RB's going up the gut on you? We'll roll to the outside and either have Fields pitch it to these wide open WR's who are being given a nice 10 yard cushion or have Fields take off. Let's see your LB's keep up with this. 


It's just a bad defense that doesn't stand a chance against any good team. It barely, if it does, works against bad teams.  

He’s Frost’s best friend. Working with your wife or husband is not always ideal. 

Same with friends. 

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Eh ... after you get the holding penalty and not really getting anything down the field, it's better to regroup than try to force something and turning it over right before half.

It's great to see Frost smile. After all he's dealt with this year, that's a hugely positive sign.   I think people underestimate how difficult the past two years have been for him personall

So far the refs have helped two drives for the Buckeyes. Each ending in a TD.    They’ve also hurt a Huskers drive.    We’re talking a potential 21 point swing.   This game

Maybe my expectations were just super low but I was actually impressed with the front 7 on defense.  They played the run really well.  Casey Rodgers is bigger/better than I thought.  Robinson is good, the LB'ers were not horrible like usual.  


Chin clearly had a gameplan and that was to not get beat deep and for the most part it worked.  That is not a bad plan but you NEED pressure to get that done.  Bo did it all the time and when he had Suh or RG, it worked great.


DB coverage is an illusion.  DB's don't make the difference between a good secondary or not, the DL does.  Once the QB has time to set his feet and look down field, it is over.

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26 minutes ago, DefenderAO said:

He’s Frost’s best friend. Working with your wife or husband is not always ideal. 

Same with friends. 

My god, who would want to work with their wife?


I taught/coached with a guy and his wife taught at our school...they had been their the same amount of time so they made exactly the same amount of money...he still would not do direct deposit because then "She would know how much I make"...classic.

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