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Wisconsin QB

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57 minutes ago, Decked said:

Getting a win over Wisconsin regardless of who is QB could do wonders for momentum. Look at the goofers last year. They were not good early in the season but found ways to win and catapulted themselves to having a fantastic year 

2012 has 0 relevancy on now. Bo Pelini had even worse games than Chin. I feel like we can stop them after watching us play last week & watching them play not up to par on the OL. 

As do I, but they have beaten us 7x in a row. We have proven nothing yet. People act like we gonna chalk this one up as an auto dub - wrong. Even though I bet the line early for us to win chuckleshuffle

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1 hour ago, commando said:

no word on that.    they did say multiple people from a position group other than qbs though...so guessing maybe linemen?  

Said it in the WIsky thread the other night, his two roommates supposedly were also the early positives. One is an OLineman the other a LB.  Two of the largest position groups on the team

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4 hours ago, teachercd said:

Still count.


I actually put an early bet in on this game.


Baseball bets will sometimes be refunded if the starters that are supposed to start the game do not end up starting.  

Sorry that you took Wisc early.... will you prefer to loss the bet or have game cancelled and get your $$$ back?

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