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Wisconsin Game Cancelled

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Wow. You've really given us something to think about. After reading this thoughtful post, I need some time to re-evaluate my thoughts and expectations as a Husker fan and as a human being. Hopefully o

OSU fan here.   What happened to you folks is utter BS.  I'm not alone in the OSU fanbase for thinking so. Wisconsin should have forfeited. You were robbed, plain and simple.    We

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3 minutes ago, Toe said:

The completely unsurprising result of trying to play 9 weeks in a row with no opportunity to reschedule games.

This is why the Big Ten should have started earlier, instead of later (and also coinciding with the start of flu season).  I understand the desire to have daily testing available, but the handling of this has been completely effed up by the Big Ten leaders.

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Folks--I didn't see this linked, but for Wisky, 11 is the magic number.


If Wisky has 11 or more positives that are still positive come Friday, game is cancelled. Don't know what the magic number for Nebraska is, but I'd wager it's similar considering the finite number of tests each team has per day. 



(updated from saying more than 11, which is incorrect. 11 or more and the game is cancelled)

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1 minute ago, VectorVictor said:

Folks--I didn't see this linked, but for Wisky, 11 is the magic number. If they have more than 11 positives that are still positive come Friday, game is cancelled. 



Not to be nit-picky, but the math comes to 10.95 players (@ 7.5% of the population) which means - as far as I understand it - if they have 11 players/coaches test positive on the 7-day rolling average that game won't be played.

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