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Wisconsin Game Cancelled

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I really think we would’ve won this game. Perhaps if the team who came down with Covid came away with a loss it would help prevent stuff like this. Nebraska should get the W because they did everything right. 

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Wow. You've really given us something to think about. After reading this thoughtful post, I need some time to re-evaluate my thoughts and expectations as a Husker fan and as a human being. Hopefully o

OSU fan here.   What happened to you folks is utter BS.  I'm not alone in the OSU fanbase for thinking so. Wisconsin should have forfeited. You were robbed, plain and simple.    We

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56 minutes ago, suh_fan93 said:


Think so as well.  Like I said before Wisconsin.






We'll never know, but again I would be shocked if it was transmitted during the game. They are much closer throughout the week. And if you're digging for screenshots, there are more than a few of our coaches with their masks down close to players.


I am not happy it's cancelled, think we could've won. But people are going off the rails, and would be pissed if we got an 'L' for a game if we had the positive tests. I agree there should be more transparency, but we are among the least transparent in our own numbers. We could very well be close to the red range, there were quite a few guys who didn't travel that we expected to. Let's all take a deep breath and move on - it was bound to happen for at least one game. 

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2 minutes ago, Crusader Husker said:

This just in, Covid cases on Northwestern's campus are starting to spike this Sunday.


Here's a scary thought... What "if" all teams on our schedule that were against playing the season (tOSU, PSU and Iowa excluded as they favored playing) made a behind the door agreement to do a 7 day shutdown during their Nebraska week? Obviously that hasn't/didn't/won't happen but still... just saying.

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37 minutes ago, FLusker said:

So do our players that were supposed to be out for the first half get to come back fully for nw? Big ten doesn’t address that in policy to my knowledge. Would be really unfortunate if they were held out 

No. They address this yesterday. 

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3 hours ago, FrantzHardySwag said:

I’m disappointed but it’s a pandemic and Wisconsin has uncontrolled spread on their team. s#!t happens. We’re not the first or last team that will have a cancellation. I’ll enjoy Halloween with my fam and cheer us on against NW.


Stop being rational and positive!  If you not going to b!^@h about Wisconsin or lecture me in politics, then you don't belong here.  No, but all joking aside,  f#&% the badgers...  

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28 minutes ago, FrantzHardySwag said:

I’m disappointed but it’s a pandemic and Wisconsin has uncontrolled spread on their team. s#!t happens. We’re not the first or last team that will have a cancellation. I’ll enjoy Halloween with my fam and cheer us on against NW.

Yeah...you are a better person than me!  


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2 hours ago, Husker in WI said:

I don't see what good a forfeit does. The game won't be played, what makes people feel better about counting it as a win? We didn't win, and number of wins doesn't matter for bowls this year if they happen. Sucks to not play, but it doesn't suck any less if we claim we "won" a game that didn't happen. 

It's called owning something and being held accountable for your actions - something our country forgets bit by bit everyday :(

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1 hour ago, Loebarth said:

 If being shocked that he included Cooper in the post is castigating (to criticize or reprimand severely. to punish in order to correct.then ok. However, to post shock that he posted is in no way (IMO) castigating. I could be wrong though as I often find/learn that I am. :unsure:

Thanks for including the definition of this word as I truly had no idea what the what it meant, you are a true hero :lol:

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1 hour ago, RedSavage said:

Why does Wisconsin and any team that cancels for that matter, not have to be transparent about this?  It's really no different than people asking the B1G to be transparent when they cancelled the season.  They should have to PROVE it.

I believe the Big 10 is completely in favor of any reasoning not to play football this year. It's what they wanted all along, so as long as it helps their "I told you so" cause nobody will have to be transparent about anything. 

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1 hour ago, Mavric said:


So this effects NU equally - if three teams get covid and we go 4-1 leading the West we still miss the championship game


I'm putting the over/under of teams that miss only one game but its against NU at 2.5

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