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***** Official Election Game Day Thread *****

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2 hours ago, VectorVictor said:

Question: if you have to leave Facebook or Twitter because you can't stand having facts get in the way of making outlandish claims...does this make you a snowflake?

And if you have a bunch of snowflakes leaving Facebook and Twitter for MAGABook and Parler, respectively, wouldn't you call that a flurry of activity? 


And no, Parler isn't free speech--the racism and ignorance runs heavy and thick over there, and it's banning any "liberal" (read: rational, sane) voices reported to mods, as it has since June 2020: https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20200627/23551144803/as-predicted-parler-is-banning-users-it-doesnt-like.shtml

Right-wingers going to an online safe-space is known as a Parler trick.

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8 minutes ago, FrantzHardySwag said:

He will use fundraising as his personal bank for the next 4 years. Too good of a gig to give up. 


But it will be a lot easier to convict him if he breaks the law with the funds now. I hope the GOP changes enough by then that he doesn't win the nomination but I'm guessing they won't.





But they never conceded herp derp.

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Popping in the P&R to tell my brothers and sisters on our board CONGRATS!!! 


I am not glad that Biden won, because I am a conservative, but I do know the feeling when the person you don't want to win, doesn't win (previous election for me personally). 


So I hope you smile and enjoy and be happy and CONGRATS!!!  I am totally sincere about this.

And now you are possibly primed for the next 4-12 years.  I have no idea what the Rs are going to do in the next primary election, but I hope they don't waste it.  I don't care at the moment, it's not even my point.    But my point is - enjjoy, smile, laugh and congrats!

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