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Running two PC's through one monitor - any advice?

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Any ideas on what's the most effective/efficient way to run two PC's through the same monitor while being able to change between the PC's at will, without plugging or unplugging cords? I've read about KVM splitters, but I also read that the second PC has to be on in order for the splitter to work properly. I'm trying to avoid having the second PC on if at all possible.

My 'second PC' is my personal gaming PC. So, ideally, I'd like to be able to work off of my big monitor during the day, shut that off, and then turn my personal PC on in the evening... all without having to mess with cords. I've been using my work laptop since March and recently determined that I'll be working from home permanently, so I'd like to stop looking down at a screen on all day.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

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Thank you both! I almost might try to run back down to my work this week and see what kind of monitor connection it had to my desk monitor.


At home, I only have one HDMI, DVI and DP input on my monitor. Personal PC is using the HDMI connection. I 'think' my work laptop was plugged in using a DVI at work, and if that's the case, I imagine I could just have both plugged in and switch between inputs?

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