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Nebrasketball Game #1- McNeese State: Wednesday, November 25- 11:00am BTN

What will the game result be?  

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Six players in double figures.  If Yvan was better than 3/12 from the field it would have been seven (9 points).   Banton puts up a 14-6-6-3-4 line.   19 assists and only 10 turnov

We're going to score 100 points. I literally don't know how to react to this performance. This is unbelievable. 

Seven assists already for the Huskers.   That was a game-high for months at a time under Miles.

6 hours ago, PaulCrewe said:

The biggest thing I took away from the little bit I got to see over lunch is that this years version of Nebrasketball actually looks like a basketball team.  The LENGTH will be huge in defense and forcing TOs and hopefully continuing turning defense into easy offense.  They all look the part vs years past where many guys looked like high school sophomores on a court playing an NBA team body wise.  

Hopefully good selfless play(which was on full display today) continues.  And the front court play will get a huge boost when Walker becomes eligible

Agree...as you described they looked like a D1 team today. Excited to see Nebraskaball take shape

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