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How did we get here


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Husker Nation created this mess. We get what we deserve.  Fired Solich bc he could not recruit.  Now we say we would take a bunch of 3* with heart....ie Solich We fire Bo bc he only won 9-10 game

What? No. Any reference to Riley should come with the caveat that he hasn't coached here since 2017 and was fired 3 years ago this week. Riley sucked, but he deserves no blame for the s#!t we're seein

I'd like to remind folks that Riley was 9-4 his second year.  Before his third year began, he was forced to fire Banker and the AD, along with some influential boosters, hired Diaco.  Diaco's defense

Rutgers already beat Michigan State and is currently beating Michigan in 2d OT.  Rutgers is improving on a steeper trajectory than the Huskers.  That should be as unacceptable to everyone here as it is to me.  I'm disgusted. 


UPDATE:  Michigan is still fighting, but the fact that Rutgers forced their backs against a wall shows moxie

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2 minutes ago, Frustrated said:

Rutgers already beat Michigan State and is currently beating Michigan in 2d OT.  Rutgers is improving on a steeper trajectory than the Huskers.  That should be as unacceptable to everyone here as it is to me.  I'm disgusted.

This is where I’m at.  Improved leadership should have made this post Riley squad better.


How many times did Frost reference how soft the squad was when he got there.  They might not be as soft anymore, but the product is easily as bad as it was before.


The lack of progress is embarrassing.

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1 hour ago, knapplc said:

I don't know how we got here. "Husker Nation" didn't get us here. I didn't fire Frank Solich or any of the other coaches. I just wanted a competent team that didn't look like buffoons four games a year. Does that make this my fault? Our fault?


I feel like a competent AD, Head Coach and a couple of good Offensive & Defensive Coordinators could just do wonders here.

That's the thing, we need to get those. Or at least let them do their jobs.

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15 minutes ago, hskrfan4life said:

I told this to my dad, what's gonna happen is we are gonna beat Iowa so every thing seems peachy but then we are gonna lose to Purdue and Minnesota.

None of the remaining games will be close. 1-6. I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but this team has quit. We'll see how things look next September. 

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Frost still fails to put the most talented players on the field. Where was Betts today?  what happened to you let the guys play hard and don't mind the mistakes if they play hard. Frost is living in the 90's where you can't play the young guys cause they don't know the system. He didn't coach that way at UCF. Today's players either get on the field or they transfer. 

The list of excuses gets smaller every week.

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4 hours ago, lo country said:

At the same point in his career at NU Frost's winning percentage is 35%.....Riley was 56%......Frost is 20% behind the alleged worst HC in Husker history.....Just saying....


Should've never fired Frank.  I'd have given him another year or 2 after he fired guys....



We all wanted Frank to make changes after the humiliating in California for the championship.  Frank made changes and we only gave him one year.  
I think he might have got the rebuild done but AD Peterson was the wrong idiot in the AD job.

Frank has gone on in his 16 seasons at Ohio found a respectable job.  I don’t remember the year but we fired Craig Bohl (DC) and he went on to do a remarkable job at North Dakota Stare and a good job at Wyoming.  
I think the angry fans were chasing National Championships each and demanded the coaches head if he get the big one.

we need to get the program rebuilt and stabilized. Rapid coaching changes are not good.  
I had hoped that Frost and his assistants would have tapped the Florida talent but seems to be lacking.

I read that some 16 highly recruited scholarship players have left Nebraska including 3 or 4 stars.  It appears that Frost and his coaches recruit mediocre people or recruit people they can’t use in their system.  Added to the problems of some play calling, spotty clock management, miscues on plays and problems getting the right people on the field for the called play, etc.- the coaches don’t seem to be earning their salaries.

Scott’s monotone comments on Channel 10 Spoerts Show don’t engender confidence.  Moos and Osborne should get involved in some general mentoring and insisting on some improvements with coaches and players.  Though I think the Coaches are the big problem.  The players should show more polish, knowledge and techniques now.  They need to develop and train the players instead expect the “product” (Callahan’s term for skilled players) to show up ready     to be all-American stars.  Perhaps teach the punt team to cover the punter until he actually punts the ball?

I don’t like the Offense- seem to abandon the run and then go to short passing too often and soon.  The Defense just gives up too much yardage.  If the line does not perform now, the coaches not worked with them enough- probably not enough contact scrimmages and drills.

last week, someone defended giving up 501 yards, citing it was 5.5 yd average in the bend but don’t break mode.

That really says the opponents get a first diwn every two plays unless they give a turnover or a 15 yard penalty.  

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4 hours ago, VizionNE said:

Any reference to Riley needs to come with the caveat that he made this mess. Firing him saved him enduring this, and it possibly being worse. He made us soft as a case of extra soft toilet paper. 

That isn’t excusing SF; he hasn’t got the job done. Today was unacceptable. its never okay to lose to Illinois and even more unacceptable to lose in the fashion we did. 

Anyone accepting that is part of the problem. SF needs to  be held accountable. Does that mean he should be fired? No, not at this point, but that seat should absolutely be getting uneasy. 

I'd like to remind folks that Riley was 9-4 his second year.  Before his third year began, he was forced to fire Banker and the AD, along with some influential boosters, hired Diaco.  Diaco's defense is reason #1 why 2017 was garbage.  Riley wasn't responsible for that.  All this stuff about his team being soft, etc. are excuses used by some Husker fans to provide coverage for the god awful job Frost has done.  There are fans so desperate for a winner, they'll lie to themselves and pretend things will get better despite no evidence of such.  Heck, there are guys who said Riley's team was soft because they weren't doing back squats.  That's how silly the excuses have become.  Welp, they're doing back squats now and we got the supposed savior and Illi-freakin'-nois just boatraced our boys in Lincoln.  Nebraska is now in last place in the West during Frost's third season.  


Somebody above stated Frost inherited a dumpster fire.  I'd argue he's the one who lit the match.  Frost ushered out players who would be very helpful today.  Gebbia threw, rushed and caught a touchdown pass today.  He's not good in his first year as a stater, but he's lightyears ahead of Martinez while playing with guys who got a lot less stars from recruiting services.  But ushering those kids out has given the sunshine pushers another excuse.  The excuse of youth.  Who here really thinks this program will be clicking and challenge for the Big 10 title in two years?  


When Frost was hired, I danced a jig just like most others.  I thought he'd bring the Oregon offense with him.  I jumped off that bandwagon midway through last season.  I can't deny what my eyes tell me.  The team lacks talent.  They lack discipline.  They get pushed around easily.  Their offense resembles something Notre Dame ran in the 1940's.  Then there's the biggie.  They aren't improving.  And can we please get a center who can snap the ball.

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Let’s be honest here...every Nebraska fan wanted the Frost experiment to work. We still do...I do not think that firing him will resolve anything and it will be at least two more years of trying to get players in a new system if a new coach was hired. However, knowing what we know now, if we had a chance to go back in time before Frost was hired, would we still want him to be our coach or will we want to hire the Iowa state coach? The answer to that question alone should tell you whether Frost is the right man to right this sinking ship...the truth of the matter is that he is out of his league in the big ten. He was overconfident and thought that he can come to this conference and dominate it. Well, three years later, we are still the laughingstock of the big ten and we just lost 41 to 23 to a team that was supposedly a two touchdown underdog.


Having said that, I agree that we all made our bed and we should lay in it now. I do not agree with firing Frost but I do think that he needs to consider MAJOR coaching changes and bring in coaches that can navigate the big ten. His supporting cast is inadequate and we have deficiencies in many areas, especially our unspecial teams that look lost every time they take the field. He also needs to get a good offensive coordinator because his play calling has been horrible to say the least.


If he does not make any coaching changes then we know that next season will be more of the same. At some point, doing the same exact thing and expecting different results is just PLAIN STUPID.

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We hired a project in Frost. You can throw out UCF as that was beginners luck in a far away conference. At UCF, he inherited players and their development was really not due solely to his staff. He seems to have the want, but in this conference you have to be old school smart. I think he believes, and almost feels entitled to, Osborne’s legacy. He seems so dumbfounded that it’s not working. 

what upsets me is he threw away the first two seasons so he could teach culture. I said it then and I’ll say it again, those seasons mattered. They mattered to the guys that played and they mattered to us fans. Those 18,19 guys were sold out for Frost’s ego that it’s going to be his way or nothing. The best description of him is an entitled brat. 

So how we got here was not getting an established coach with B10 experience don’t know who that would have been, but that’s the problem. 

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