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Nope.  The one sure thing is someone will say the steak is in danger as soon as things look grim.  I would be glad to take my boys to a game right now.  It's a full experience, not just about being a fair weather fan that's only happy when we are great.

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Well if it came to an end, maybe they could put real seats in and make 20th century restrooms.  Do something for the fans rather than just a 17 year old that thinks he owns the world because he can play a game.  Tail is wagging the dog.


I keep sending money, have been my whole life, but can't convince my kid to do it.  He won't even watch football anymore.  When this sucker croaks so does the family donation I guess.


Depending on the success of the vaccine, next year could be tough.  A lot of those season tickets are held by people with blue hair.  When they quit the streak ends guys no question.

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