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Adrian Martinez


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5 hours ago, Nebraska55fan said:

Will be interesting to see how AMs season hashes out. 


If he absolutely crushes it- plays like he has the last 5 games- he is a lower draft pick and gets his shot at the NFL as a backup QB- which is awesome gig. 


If he does average- levels off or has any type of injury, he is a very low pick or most likely FA pick, with little guarantee of making a roster spot. 


Wandale Robinson just inked a 100K NIL deal at Kentucky. One would think AM could garner at least that if some reasonably powerful people think they want him around for another year. In any event- I doubt he sits out that last year. Where else can he go out and make 100K in salary in the private sector one year out and close out a Masters Degree to boot?


is that to send personalized death threats to college basketball refs? or is that just a hobby of theirs?

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Adrian Martinez may end his career with some all time QB records but he may also end his career with the worst winning percentage of any QB that started more than 15 games.  For all of his flashes of brilliance, he simply struggles and makes key mistakes when it matters the most.  I do not see Nebraska suddenly winning a lot of games against tough competition if Frost stays with Martinez.  

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It was the best of times. 


It was the worst of times.


Adrian is our guy. We live and die by Adrian. He can be absolutely exhilarating to utterly crushing in the next. 


I love the guy to death. I love his story. I hate what happens to him in the worst parts of the game.


There is no doubt he is QB1. Smothers is nowhere close, which is concerning for next year. Unless, Martinez comes back.

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Yeah, on hindsight maybe a bit harsh. My initial thought is that you absolutely, positively cannot turn it over in ANY circumstances there, and that's still true.... but.... I think the play went on too long. I think we could probably argue whether or not until the cows come home about the call there..... it's just another one of those 50/50 coin flip things that we always seem to lose, every single time.


It looks like they hit him low as well.


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